About Take Two

Take Two is a cult film & TV blog run by Tim Willers, a Sheffield Hallam university student, as part of an applied project for a journalism degree.

With a passion for cult TV, this blog not only features reviews and analysis of series like Buffy, Veronica Mars and American Horror Story, but also interviews people about these series and why they’re drawing in these dedicated fandoms.

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About The Author

I’m 21-years-old, and I’m just about to finish university. Talk about terrifying.

In case it isn’t obvious from the posts on this site, my favourite series include Buffy, Dollhouse, American Horror Story, Six Feet Under, and comedies like The Office USA and Parks & Recreation!

Aside from watching the same series way too many times, I am super passionate about the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts video game series (this blog really highlights my nerdy side, doesn’t it?)

I’ve also saved pretty much non-stop for two years to fund a nine week trip across the USA starting this September. Words can’t explain how excited I am for it! New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Vegas, L.A, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, amongst many other places… Bring it on!!



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