‘American Horror Story’ Coven Finale: S03E13 ‘The Seven Wonders’ Review (SPOILERS)

Cordelia: “[to Fiona] Feel the fear and the pain. Let it all in. And then let it all go.”

Am I the only one who can’t believe Coven is already over? With the finale that aired last week, I can now say for certainty Coven was my favourite season of American Horror Story; albeit very closely followed by Asylum.

Writers took notice of the criticisms of last season, and left us with far fewer loose ends this time around – with the exception of certain strange things like what on earth happened to Spalding, but at this point in the show it surprises me when fans complain about unanswered questions. Isn’t that what American Horror Story is becoming known for?

As for the finale itself, what a fantastic hour of television. Our choices for supreme were whittled down with each surprising death – I went from feeling sad for Misty Day who is doomed to spend eternity in Hell for failing her task, to screaming ‘OH MY GOSH’ at my TV when Zoe accidentally impales herself on the Coven gates. It takes a lot for me to yell at my TV, but Coven achieved it on more than one occasion.

Sudden Deaths

On the subject of character deaths, I do wish Misty and Queenie had swapped places. Misty deserved her place in the Coven much more than the deserter Queenie did, and Misty’s death itself was so quick and brushed off that I don’t think it did her character justice. The same can be said about Maddison – I kind of wanted her to just run off to Hollywood and have her own happy ending. But she got what she deserved. She is an example of an antagonistic character done right; someone who you love to hate.


And then there’s the true identity of the supreme… Hands up if you guessed Cordelia?!

It might not have been the biggest shocker in the history of the show, but it sure did make me smile. Cordelia was the consistently beaten-down character, the underdog, and she deserved the Supreme position more than any of the younger girls. It was also nice finally seeing her with her own eyes after so long.

When Fiona succumbed to her illness in the embrace of Cordelia, was anyone else on the edge of their seats expecting Fiona to stab her daughter at the last minute in order to get her own powers back? But no, surprisingly, Coven gave us a happy ending. A stark contrast to Asylum’s rather bleak conclusion.

Overall, Coven may have not reached the high-tension goal posts that were set by Asylum – I have never been so on edge as when Lana stepped in to the house of Dr Threadson last year. But Coven seemed to be about something different – it was funny beyond belief, and was just enjoyable to sit and watch and revel in the drama of the characters. Three seasons in, and American Horror Story is just going from strength to strength. Bring on season 4.

The High Points:

  • Cordelia being the supreme – the best choice.
  • Fiona winding up trapped in Hell – can we have a celebratory cheer here?
  • The trials of the Seven Wonders – exciting popcorn TV at it’s finest!

The Low Points:

  • Quick character deaths – specifically Misty and Maddison.
  • Papa Legba – was he really a necessary character, at all?

Episode Score: 95%


2 thoughts on “‘American Horror Story’ Coven Finale: S03E13 ‘The Seven Wonders’ Review (SPOILERS)

  1. I completely agree with everything that was said here. I was very disappointed that Queenie got that position after deserting them all. And Misty, after everything that girl had been through should have had that spot. She didn’t deserve to go to hell for eternity.
    I, as well, was waiting on the edge of my seat for Fiona to stab Cordelia in the back. I was actually shocked that Cordelia was The Supreme, but happily.
    I liked how Madison died. She was such a horrible person.
    And don’t feel bad, I screamed at the tv when Zoe impaled herself!
    I do wish they would’ve put Dylan McDermott in, even for a cameo. When he showed up in Asylum I squealed in delight.
    I understand that some people expected different because of Asylum, but that IS the point. The first season was different than the second which is different from the third. It’s why I keep coming back for more!

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