American Horror Story: S03E12 ‘Go To Hell’ Review (SPOILERS)

Cordelia: “You will all be tested. The Seven Wonders – Sunday, at dawn. It begins. Everyone participates. And by next week, we will have a new supreme.”

As ever, this week’s episode of American Horror Story (AHS) was an eventful one. We saw new powers manifest, characters return, and of course a multitude of deaths amongst the cast – can it actually qualify for being an AHS episode anymore if no body dies?

Only one more episode is left, and despite some shaky moments midway through the season, I think it’s safe to say that, at this point, Coven has been my favourite season to date.

This episode found its’ highlight moments in this seasons’s three most interesting characters. Misty Day (Lily Rabe) returning from being buried alive; Maddison (Emma Roberts) embracing her more evil side and finally getting what she deserves in the form of a beating from Misty; and Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) having visions of the future and standing up for herself to be a shepherd for the Coven.

AHS is made up of a cast of fantastic actors – but Paulson, Roberts and Rabe have really shone this season and I’d miss them greatly if they don’t return for season 4. Paulson in particular has demonstrated some amazing acting over her two years on AHS. Both in ‘Asylum’ and ‘Coven’ I have found myself rooting for her more than any other character.

As for the character deaths in episode 12… Hurrah! The Axe Man is finally out of the picture – and for once it seems pretty safe to say he’s gone for good! Then there’s Fiona (Jessica Lange) – who really thinks she’s gone? They said she had been fed to the alligators – but the way they showed her death seemed so casual, it didn’t do any justice to close her character arc. She’ll be back for the finale in some form – I’d bet money on it.

The episode’s dramatic ending really did sell the finale to us – I can’t wait to find out who the new supreme is next week.

Final guesses, anyone? I’d love it to be Maddison, but my more logical side is going to go with Misty Day. Cast your vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

Whoever it is, I want to see epic fights between the members of the Coven as they show off their powers. Bring it on.

You can see American Horror Story: Coven on Sky channel FX every Wednesday at 9pm.

The High Points:

  • Misty Day having a brawl with Maddison
  • Cordelia growing a backbone (finally)
  • The Coven teaming up in an animalistic rage to take out the Axe Man – boy; he really did walk in to the wrong house

The Low Points:

  • LaLaurie and LeVeau – is anyone else sick of them?
  • Papa Legba – an amazing concept but I can’t actually understand half the words he says
  • Fiona’s anti-climactic ‘death’

Episode Score: 80% 

Cast your vote on who you think the next Supreme will be in our poll below!


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