American Horror Story: S03E09 ‘Head’ Review (SPOILERS)

Marie Laveau: “They die tonight, or the next needle I use will put a hole in your heart. You understand me?”

In the mid-season finale for American Horror Story (AHS) last week, audiences were treated to a more-than eventful episode; it’s hard to even know where to begin. But that quote up there was certainly a highlight moment of the episode – finally seeing voodoo magic after it has been teased for the entire series was handled amazingly well, and Hank’s (Josh Hamilton) reaction to his bones breaking was spot-on enough that I was cringing in my seat. Isn’t that why most of us are watching AHS, anyway?

Character deaths and plot twists aplenty, hit the jump to read more. Spoilers abound.

Particular highlights of the episode for me included the aforementioned voodoo scene; Kyle (Evan Peters) finally getting his speech back; andĀ that melon-baller scene courtesy of Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy). For those who missed the episode… Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) got her vision back through the ever-sympathetic Myrtle using a melon-baller to scoop out the eyes of her former friends and put them inside Cordelia instead.

On the subject of Cordelia having her vision back… Is anyone else actually a little disappointed about that? Not only were her struggles with being blind often hilarious (Madison’s quote springs to mind: “Cordelia wants to see you. Well, that’d be impossible. But she wants to talk to you”) but her visions gave her real potential. Now she’s back to plain-old Cordelia I actually find her less threatening.

With Hank launching an out-of-the-blue attack against the voodoo-users, I have to admit I felt like it could have been handled a little better than the shoot-up montage we were shown. Admittedly, that may be because I wasn’t all that bothered about anyone on the voodoo side – perhaps apart from Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) but I think there’s a high possibility she’ll be back in a week or two. Same goes for Luke (Alexander Dreymon). Who can even take deaths seriously in this show anymore? Others, like fellow viewer Jennifer Waters, loved the montage: “It was so good, my mouth was just hanging open when Queenie got shot!”

Finally, let’s have one last guess on who the Supreme will be! My brother is adamant that it’s going to be Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) because she’s the main character, but that’s so predictable. Jennifer Waters is betting on Nan (Jamie Brewer), which I have to admit could be a good guess.

As for me, as much as I would absolutely love the Supreme to be Madison (Emma Roberts), her heart condition apparently prevents her from being a candidate. I’d enjoy seeing Misty Day (Lily Rabe) as the next Supreme. She’s got potential, and has definitely been my consistently favourite character so far. You never know with AHS though – watch the next Supreme be revealed to be Luke’s mother, or even Luke himself, for all we know.

Who do you think the next Supreme is going to be? Are Queenie or Luke going to return? Will Myrtle’s hair ever not be the brightest thing on the screen? Post your theories and comments below!


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